Thank you for your interest in Radford School. We look forward to introducing you to the Radford Experience.

The Admissions Process

A successful applicant will possess strong academic ability, communication skills, and the drive to learn.

All of the following items will need to be received by the Admissions Office along with the required application fee of $50.00 (non-refundable) before an application will be considered ready to review.

  • Application for Admission - Required of all applicants.
  • Student Project and Writing Sample - To be completed in the student's own handwriting on the form provided for students in grades 2nd through 12th.
  • Parent's Statement - To be completed by the parents or guardians, providing perspectives on their son or daughter.
  • Student Transcript and School Report - Request for transcript forms need to be given to the student's current school principal, school head, or guidance counselor with postage on the provided envelope. This information must be received by mail directly from the issuing institution. All students applying for grades 2nd - 12th must provide transcripts that include all courses and grades for the prior two years. *Readiness testing will stand in place of Student Transcript information in grades DRC through K.
  • Teacher Recommendations - Teacher recommendations are required in grades 2nd through 12th. For students applying for 1st through 7th one recommendation is required of the homeroom teacher and another is to be submitted by a teacher of their choice. Students applying for grades 8th through 12th must submit three recommendations, one each from their current Math and English teachers and one from a current teacher of their choice. These forms must be received in the mail directly from the teacher(s).
  • Immunization Record - An immunization record showing all vaccinations must be on file for all applicants.
  • Birth Certificate - a copy of the birth certificate is required of all applicants.

In addition to the above forms and documents, the following activities will also be necessary as part of the Admissions Committee Review Process.

  • Campus Tour - Families are encouraged to schedule a visit to Radford School either prior to or shortly after submitting an application for admission. Arranging your on-campus tour during the time that school is in session allows your child an opportunity to attend and observe classes.
  • Entrance Testing - Students in grades 2nd through 12th will complete both a reading and a math screening as a part of the application process. Testing is provided at Radford School at a cost of $25.  You may make an appointment for testing by contacting the school office.

*Registration Fee - Please note, in order for a student to be placed on our roster, a $700.00 (non-refundable) registration fee is required, once a student is accepted.

If you have any questions or if you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office at (915) 565-2737.

Handy Checklist

The following items must be completed in order for an application to be considered complete:

- Application for Admission

- Student Project and Writing Sample (Grades 2 through 12)

- Parent's Statement

- Student Transcript of School Report Card

- Teacher Recommendation Forms - mailed direct from teachers (Grades 1 through 12)

- Immunization Record

- Birth Certificate

Applicants must submit an application package for review by the Admissions Committee.

Download the appropriate packet located to the right. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office at (915) 565-2737.