A Tradition of Academic Excellence

Radford School's mission is to educate and prepare its young men and women for a lifetime of success.

The Radford Early Childhood Program

The Early Childhood Program at Radford consists of the Developmental Readiness Class (DRC) for three year old children, Pre-Kindergarten for the four year olds, and Kindergarten for the five year olds. The curriculum for these children is based upon the philosophy supported by current brain research which states that the skills required to become good readers, writers, and learners are only acquired if a young child has a sound neurological foundation.This insures that each child will have the opportunity to achieve full potential as he/ she advances through the grades in Radford’s challenging academic setting.

The Radford Literacy Center

Radford employs a Literacy Specialist who is certified in teaching gifted and talented programs. The Literacy Specialist works with students of all ages who have special needs such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or a need for repetition of instruction in order to understand various concepts. Programs such as Master the Code and the Wilson Reading System are used to help the students succeed academically.

The Center also serves as a resource for teachers for learning materials and ideas. Parents are welcome to schedule appointments with the Literacy Specialist to discuss concerns about their children’s learning needs and to get ideas for enriching their academic and social programs.

Foreign Languages

Radford begins preparing students in foreign languages at an early age. Beginning in middle school and onto high school, students may take several levels of French, Spanish and Latin. Students are also offered Spanish Literature. Latin and Spanish also have the added bonus of offering AP Courses.

AP Classes

High school students prepare for a rigorous college curriculum by taking Advanced Placement courses in the Spring. For a listing of all Advanced Placement courses offered at Radford please visit the High School Academics page.

Dual Credit Classes

Dual Credit classes are offered to Juniors and Seniors from Radford. Taking these courses affords them the ability to achieve not only high school credit but college credit, as well. Radford has a teacher in charge of verifying that students maintain all the requirements of the dual credit course being offered online.

Fine Arts 

Fine Arts have alwasy been an imprtant component of a Radford education. Studies have shown that exposure to art and music help a studnet's overall ability to do well in school. 

Outside the Classroom

We also offer educational opportunities outside the school year, such as Curriculum Plus and Summer Camp.

Curriculum Plus – Love to travel? Our curriculum plus program offers an exciting learning environment by visiting cities around the world in a group environment. During the summer break each year, Radford middle school and high school students take a trip along with parents, teacher chaperones, and a group leader. Previous trips have included such international destinations as London, Paris, Quebec and Montreal. Elementary students travel locally while still experiencing an exciting learning adventure.

Summer Camp – Through the month of June, Radford students may sign up for a summer camp full of activities and field trips. Radford summer camp is also open to non-students. Please contact school administration for more information.