All are invited to Radford's Science Expo: Experimental Design in Action, Friday, December 9th, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

Come enjoy refreshments and see what Radford students have been doing in their science classes.  The Science Expo Showcase highlights our students in grades 1 -4. Students in 5th through 12th grade compete to go to the Sun Country Regional Science Fair. The winners of the Radford Science Expo are announced at 7:00 pm.

Student Council (StuCo)

 Their class elects representatives at the beginning of each year.  Officers for the upcoming year are elected at the end of each year.  In addition to attending conferences, members enjoy planning many of the Events and Traditions pages' activities and working on community service projects.

Junior Classical League (RSJCL)

Latin students may join the Radford School Junior Classical League [RSJCL] and the Latin Honour Society [LHS], which are affiliated with the Texas State J.C.L., and the National J.C.L.  The American Classical League and the Texas Classical Association sponsor the national and state student organizations, and are the professional organization for Classical Language teachers.

Mr. Abel has been a member of both since 1986.  We are also called the Latin Club and our students explore the classical world's languages, Latin and Greek, and the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean
Basin.  We share social and academic activities with Radford students to teach them something about Latin.  Latin Honour Society members cooperate with RS NJHS and NHS and may wear our purple sash and cords at graduation.

Yearbook ​​​​​​

​ The Yearbook staff produces a work of art for every Radford family member to enjoy – the annual Ocotillo.  The staff is a handpicked group of students responsible for doing whatever it takes to put together a book that portrays all that is unique and special about Radford.

Sponsors & Classes

While not a club or organization, class and organization sponsors play a vital role in all activities.  Teacher sponsors are there to guide each organization and activity. In high school, every grade has one sponsor assigned to the class, and that sponsor works with the Class President to organize events. The sponsor continues with the class as they move on to the next grade level until they graduate. Pictured are just some of the many Teachers who are involved in organizing events with students.

Book Club

Ms.Patricia Giorgi sponsors the Book Club at Radford School. It is open to students in grades 3-6. The focus of the Book Club is to read and discuss the Texas Bluebonnet Books. Each Year, 20 books are chosen for the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List. Schools and libraries around the state participate in the program. Ms.Giorgi encourages students to read a minimum of five books from the list. In January, Book Club members will vote for their favorite title. Their votes will be registered online by Ms.Giorgi on the Texas Library Association website. Radford Book Club members will be among the many students throughout Texas to vote for their favorite book. The winning book is announced in February.

Photography Club

There are two photography clubs; Jr. Photography Club from grades 4th-6th and the Regular Photography Club from grades 7th-12th.

Students meet every two weeks after school. They first learn how to handle cameras and other basics of photography. Students learn about composition, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. They also take monthly field trips on Saturday to get hands-on experience. 

Chess Club

Students learn chess basics, compete with each other and have opportunities to learn strategies, speed chess and act as coaches for younger players.  Parents are welcome, we have social and fundraising events.

Curriculum Plus

This extra-curricular trip gives classes an opportunity to receive education outside the traditional classroom setup.  Students in grades 1 through 4 take local field trips.  Students in grades 5 and 6 travel outside of El Paso on overnight trips.  High school students take international trips.   

Note: Radford Administration is in process of researching Curriculum Plus options.