Parents of Radford students are encouraged to participate in their children’s education through the Radford Parent-Teacher Organization (RPTO) and various volunteer opportunities. Parent involvement has proven to increase the odds for student success.

To help foster a strong and positive relationship between the school and each child’s home, the RPTO endeavors to build cooperation between parents and teachers in Radford students' education. All parents are automatically members of the RPTO when they register their students.

Parents can also play an important part in Radford’s success by supporting the school’s many activities. As those most familiar with and sensitive to our students' needs, Radford parents are among our most generous benefactors enabling us to build upon our strong foundation for academic excellence.

The RPTO Website can be accessed through the Parent Portal.

Parent Portal

Parents can review their child’s progress, including grades, homework assignments, and attendance, by logging in to the Parent Portal. The Portal also contains news and important information on teacher pages, school contacts, and forms. The school office provides login information to all parents at the beginning of the school year. If you are a registered family and do not have a log-in, contact the school office at (915) 565-2737 or drop by the office.