Senior Dinner
February 10, 2017
Students celebrate their traditional Senior dinner and pay tribute to their families and staff. The dinner was held in the dining room on Friday, February 9th. The RPTO board members pinned each Senior and there was a slideshow of all Seniors. Students presented family members a rose in appreciation.
100 Days of School
January 27, 2017
Kindergarten celebrates 100 Days of School! Student shout out with joy, "100 melted days of school!"
Photography Club Reveals Student's Photos
January 26, 2017
The Photography Club revealed the 2017 Calendar created by club members. Each month featured a student's creative photos. Students did an excellent job for their first annual photography calendar. In addition, to the photos the calendar featured quotes, birthdays and local business sponsors. The club would like to thank all students, parents, teachers, staff and local businesses for their support.
Technology Integration
January 25, 2017
Radford students utilize computer lab in many ways. The computer lab has student integrating technology into the various content areas. Students use the lab as an extension of the classroom whether it be in math, reading, social studies or creating graphs and tables. There is a class also in charge of creating a monthly Technology Newsletter. Students research technology topics, interview and write articles for the newsletter. In addition, students in elementary, middle school and high school participated in the hour of code.The Foreign Language department also incorporates lessons in the computer lab reinforcing the classroom skills. Interactive software and video clips are also introduced in the lab to reinforce classroom concepts being taught.
Sound of Music
January 13, 2017
Radford students did an excellent job in rolling out this years play. After long hours of hard work and practice they put on an fabulous show for students, parents, faculty and staff.
French Students Entertain Lunch Crowd
December 12, 2016
French classes performed during lunch and sang Jingle Bells in French. The students did an awesome job of singing.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
December 1, 2016
In hopes of raising funds to purchase cameras, the Photography Club had an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. Teachers posed with their sweater that were posted on plastic banks. Students, teachers and parents had the opportunity to vote. The top three winners were awarded prizes for the most votes. A special thank you to all teachers who participated.
Etiquette is reviewed yearly for students
November 16, 2016
Students from Radford dine in the dining room with China. Students receive a yearly review in the rules of etiquette. For two weeks each class was at the main table receiving formal education in the rules of etiquette.
Faculty-Student Volleyball Game
November 11, 2016
The faculty played the students volleyball. Students attended this game and enjoyed watching both teams giving it all their best. Great job to teachers and the Varsity Volleyball Team!
2016-2017 Spirit Week
October 31, 2016
The first week in November was full of excitement and fun for Radford student!. There was a Neon Assembly kick-off followed by a designated day of the week featuring the following: Storybook day, Old age day, Baby day followed by the Olympics and ending off with Radford Day.