Welcome to Theatre Arts !

Theatre Arts is used as an influential tool to help students express themselves creatively. It gives students the opportunity to explore themselves and possibly discover their hidden ability to act. They simply do not memorize lines and recite them in front of their classmates but learn to convey a message to the audience through their performances. Students also embrace the idea that a class setting is the equivalent to being cast members in a show. They must learn to trust each other through excises, games and improvisation. Once trust is built they move onto becoming more vulnerable, so that they can express themselves freely and respectfully. This allows them to open up to the many possibilities of character development. They are free to explore different ways to take on a character and build upon it many layers. If the stage is not for them, there is also Technical Theatre Arts: Costuming. We specialize in the construction of costumes for the stage and create an environment that encourages students to learn from the basics of hand sewing to constructing costumes for out Fall & Spring Shows.