The Radford Band has been one of Radford Schools defining programs for over a decade.
Founded by Lorry Hartley, Radford school is proud to have the largest Private school Band
program in the El Paso area. The Radford Band boasts Superior ratings at dozens of contests
over the past decade from the Disney Festival to the local Riverside Young Band competition.
Every year the Radford Band performs concerts for the Radford family as well as competes at
various competitions throughout the city and elsewhere to provide students with a sense of
community, competition, and achievement.

Within the Band, students will learn how to not only read music, but how to perform it to the best
of their abilities in front of their peers and in public spaces. They will also learn workplace and
personal accountability related skill sets, including but not limited to; team work, discipline,
performance etiquette/management, responsibility for oneself and one's equipment, and