The Radford experience:

Steeped in rich traditions and history. 

Our Dining Experience

There are no cafeteria lines or carrying lunch trays at Radford School. Students enjoy a family-style meal on custom dinnerware with our school crest on it. Our school offers etiquette classes to prepare students with the basic manners everyone should know to get through life graciously. Students are assigned to different tables each month to ensure that students of all ages interact and become acquainted. When you tour Radford, be sure to plan a stay for lunch and enjoy a delicious meal cooked in our kitchen. 


Our Dining experience includes having an upperclassman server at every table that assists in taking meals from the kitchen to the dining table. One student per table gladly accomplishes this duty throughout the year. This experience is so fulfilling and usually has a waiting list.

Our queens 

When you walk down the hall leading to the High School wing, you can't miss the pictures of May Fete Queens from as far back as 1929. An impressive collection of pictures show us the many faces of Radford throughout its 109-year history. Radford elects a Queen and lady in waiting from the senior class. They are then presented to the school during our May Fete ceremony, where lower classmen prepare a choreographed dance as a gift to the seniors.

Our Many Collectibles 

Dr. Templin had an extensive Napoleonic collection, an Queen Elizabeth collection, dolls from all over the world, and many other interesting pieces gifted to her throughout her lifetime. We have taken the time to display such items throughout the school for students to enjoy. 

Join us and see why Radford School is considered one of the best private schools in El Paso!