While our students have been at home, we have continued to improve the safety of our school. We have installed new exhaust fans in our dining room and added h-shaped shields to each dining room table.  We are changing our purification system filters frequently, and we have adjusted the airflow valves to bring in more outside air.  We continue to fog the building every day to kill anything that might be in the building.

What is Radford doing to protect your children? 

At Radford we remain committed to supporting your child's learning, as well as his or her safety. 
The Radford strategy for opening and operating is outlined below.
We hope this transparency helps you make a well-informed decision about your child's on-campus attendance at Radford.
While it is not possible to eliminate all risk of furthering the spread of COVID-19, current scientific research suggests there are many steps schools can take to significantly reduce the risks to students, teachers, staff, and their families.


Face-to-faceStudents will return to school in person and follow their normal class schedule.

Hybrid- Students will attend school in person on Mondays and Fridays. They will log in to online instruction on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Online - Students will remain at home and log in to online instruction every day. Students in grades 1-12 will need to remain online throughout the day, except for the lunch period. This instruction will be a bit different than what students are currently experiencing. Because the teacher will now have students in the classroom, he/she will not be able to sit in front of the computer at all times, although students will be able to hear the teacher at all times.


To prevent COVID-positive individuals from entering our campus, our school will have the  following symptom screening procedures in  place:

All staff and students will be screened daily for high temperature before entering the building.

Parents are asked to proactively identify when their child exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to keep him/her home.


Conditions for return to school after an individual shows symptoms or gets a positive test result:


24 hours with no fever, symptoms have improved, and 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.


An acute infection test at an approved testing location comes back negative for COVID-19.


A note from a United States doctor indicating an alternate diagnosis.


Our school will be taking the following steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19:

- All adults in the building will wear masks.

- Proper handwashing techniques and social distancing guidelines will be reviewed with all students.

-Hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms along with hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.

-A highly effective purification system has been installed in all HVAC systems in all buildings on the school premises.

-We have purchased several electrostatic machines that will fog each classroom every day to kill all germs and contaminants. We will also be disinfecting other areas such as restrooms, dining room, gym, foyer, etc.

-Students in DRC through grade 2 will not be required to wear a mask all day, as it is not developmentally appropriate for many of our activities and much of our instruction. All other students will be required to wear a mask during the day unless an activity prevents this (such as dining, going outdoors when social distancing can be enforced, etc.). All students are to wear a mask upon entering the building each day and during all transitional periods.

-Student temperatures will be taken before the student entering the building.

-Adult visitors are not allowed in the building beyond the office area.

-Teachers of younger students will meet the children outside at a drop-off area and take them collectively into the building at 8 a.m.

-Lower School students will be escorted outside after school to be picked up by their parents outside the school gates. Older students will be escorted to the school's three front doors and will be picked up by their parents outside the school gates.

-All locker areas and common areas will be closed.

-Water fountains will be closed except for the sensor that allows water bottles to be filled. Please make certain your child brings his/her personal water bottle to school every day.

-All large-group activities and programs are canceled until further notice.

-All after-school clubs are canceled until further notice.

-Coach Wills will conduct after-school sports following proper distancing and sanitizing measures and SWCAA standards.

-Lunchtimes will be staggered; plated and covered food will be served.

-Parents who wish to have a conference with a teacher will be required to wear a mask and have their temperature taken. Conferences will be held in the conference area in the main hallway.

-Students who arrive late to school are to enter the building through the front doors. An office staff member will escort the child to his or her classroom. Students who need to be released early will be picked up by a staff member and escorted to the front office or the front gate.

-Students will participate in physical education classes but will not be required to suit out. Swimming classes will resume as usual.

-All students and staff members will be required to leave the Radford building at 3:30 p.m. except for the After-School program, sports practices in the gym, and tutoring. The reason for this is to allow our maintenance staff to disinfect all areas of our buildings.


In the event of a COVID-positive case on campus, the campus will take the following  steps:

All areas heavily used by the individual with the lab-confirmed case will be closed off and disinfected.

All teachers, staff, and families of all students in the school will be notified.

The local health department will be notified.

The administration will work closely with the infected individual or parent to responsibly determine when it is safe for that individual to return to school (according to previously mentioned criteria).

This information is being shared with you to provide you with confidence in the safety systems we have in place and our ability to stop the spread of COVID-19 at our school. While this will be a challenging year, we believe that it will also be a great one. We look forward to working with you and your child at Radford School!